Over the years we have accumulated a large collection of testimonials, here are just a few from our customers.

"I would never have had permanent makeup or tattoo removal applied unless I found a medical
specialist in a medical setting."
JB, Chesterfield

" What attracted me to Cathey was her combination of a strong art background
and medical degree."
CS, Ladue, Mo.

"I did a lot of research and discovered that only a medical specialist with
injectable local anesthesia could make this procedure comfortable. Topicals
don't work!"
BS, O'Fallon, Mo.

"I wanted the Medical degree, and anesthesia combination and I finally found it in St. Louis, Mo." SS, Long Beach, Ca.

"Cathey was recommended by three of my best friends. I didn't realize that
they all went to her."
DD, Belleville, Il.

"There is absolutely no way I would have had this procedure done unless I had
pain free anesthesia. And only medical specialists can administer
RO, St. Louis, Mo

"Cathey has applied thousands of procedures since 1993. One does not work in
a medical setting with that kind of record unless something is going

"The truth is tattooing is extremely painful and especially to the face.
Those with out medical degrees have tried to fool people for years that this
procedure is comfortable without anesthesia. Trust me it isn't! Go to a
medical specialist only!"
HB, Louisville, Ky

"My permanent makeup looks so natural that no one knows that it's tattooing." BS, Imperial, MO.
"I had seven laser treatments to remove my body tattoo without success, Cathey's chemical removal technique removed it in only two treatments and pain free. " CS, Crestwood, MO.

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