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Q: What is Permanent Makeup?
A: Permanent Makeup is actually the age old art of tattooing. This industry is rapidly growing and over 99% of the permanent makeup technicians are non-medical and work in non-medical environments such as salons, non-medical spas, and tattoo parlors. However, Naturally You Permanent Cosmetics has recently introduced permanent makeup to their medical spa so women everywhere can have safe, medical, and pain-free procedures. In fact, Naturally You Permanent Cosmetics is the first medical spa in the country to approach permanent makeup in this manner.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Cathey Break is a medical specialist with over fifteen years of experience and follows strict guidelines for safety.

Q: How is permanent makeup applied?
A: A small sterilized needle places small amounts of dyes into the second layer (dermis) of the skin.

Q: Is it possible to get an allergic reaction?
A: The chances are very minimal, but each client is allergy tested at least 24 hours before the procedure.

Q: Is it painful?
A: Normally, permanent makeup is extremely painful, but Naturally You Permanent Cosmetics is the first in the country to utilize computerized anesthesia for a safe and totally pain-free procedure.

Q: Everyone else uses topical anesthesia. Do I really need injections?
A: Unfortunately many non-medical technicians tell their clients that topical anesthesia is all that is necessary or that the procedures are not painful at all. This is not true. Topical anesthesia does not penetrate to the second layers of the skin and therefore offers little or no pain relief. Also, topical anesthesia should never be used around the eyes for fear of corneal abrasion or other eye injuries. Only locally injected anesthesia can give a completely pain-free procedure.

Q: What is computerized anesthesia?
A: FDA approved in 1998, computerized anesthesia was designed to deliver a safe and virtually pain-free local anesthesia.

Q: How many procedures will I need?
A: Permanent makeup is an art and a process. One application looks great, but a second treatment is necessary in order to analyze color and design. Naturally You Permanent Cosmetics offers a third complimentary treatment in it's discounted packages to put on those finishing touches.

Q: Will I have any downtime?
A: Many non-medical technicians tell their prospective clients that they can return to work immediately after the procedure. This is false! Tattooing is invasive and most procedures take three to five days to heal. Brows have the least recovery time and clients can usually return to work the next day with this procedure. The color may look a little darker immediately after the procedure but lightens within a week.

Q: Will the procedures scab?
A: Thanks to the technology of computerized anesthesia and some very specific techniques, there is minimal if any scabbing. For that reason, your colors will be specifically designed to match your skin tones from the beginning of your procedure.

Q: Can I choose my design and colors?
A: You will know the exact design of your brow and lip procedure before the process begins. Eyeliner is placed directly into the lash line, but this procedure can also be pre-designed if you wish. Because color is unique to each individual, it is difficult to guarantee. However, Cathey Break has an art degree as well as over fifteen years in the permanent makeup industry.

Q: Will my permanent makeup look natural?
A: Cathey's goal for each client is to make their makeup look so natural that no one will know the difference

Q: Can my lips be designed to look fuller?
A: Absolutely! The beauty of permanent makeup is that the color can be designed over the border of the lip to give the appearance of fuller lips. Fillers such as Restylane can be used to create an even fuller effect.

Q: Can my eyes be designed to look larger?
A: Yes! Cathey is trained in the art of permanent makeup. Various artistic techniques are used to give the appearance of larger eyes.

Q: What are the comments that Naturally You Permanent Cosmetics clients say after their procedures?
A: Everyone states that they are grateful for the pain-free method of these procedures, and how natural and convenient permanent makeup has been for them.

Q: There are many people applying permanent makeup at this time. Should I go with the cheapest price?
A: First of all, permanent cosmetics is a serious procedure. It is invasive and can be painful unless medically injected anesthesia is administered. Only at Naturally You Permanent Cosmetics will you find an extensively trained medical specialist with an artistic background applying your permanent cosmetics. Permanent cosmetics lasts a lifetime. You want only the best and it's only at Naturally You Permanent Cosmetics.

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